Good for Taxpayers

Delivers Projects on Time and on Budget

Community Hiring Agreements help ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget by setting clear expectations and standards upfront. Parties use a collaborative process to determine fair terms for employment, dispute resolution, and project scheduling before bidding begins. This means that construction bids are more accurate, projects are kept on schedule, and costly delays are avoided.

Ensures Quality, Reducing Overall Costs

Community Hiring Agreements require that all workers are properly trained and highly skilled. They provide employees at all skill levels with the most up-to-date training for their craft, including instruction on appropriate safety measures and precautions. This means that projects are built well the first time, with fewer costly change orders.

Avoids Costly Delays

Community Hiring Agreements ensure that projects are managed efficiently and completed on time by enabling better workforce coordination.

Case Studies

Community Hiring Agreements that are Good for Taxpayers