Contact Your Local Building Trades Council

Help implement a Community Hiring Agreement in your area by connecting with your state or local Building Trades Council. 

Get the Ball Rolling on Community Hiring

To enact a Community Hiring Agreement at the local level, you'll have to work with residents, elected officials, and local labor groups to accomplish the following:**


Identify Major Investments in your Community

Community Hiring Agreements rely on local investments in infrastructure and real estate development. This can take the form of public or private investments, including expanding public transit; upgrading utility infrastructure; approving major private developments; as well as constructing, expanding, or upgrading public facilities.

Contact Decision-Makers

Make your voice heard when local decision-makers are contemplating major investments that will result in large-scale construction. City councils, local school boards, local water boards, regional water districts, and transit agencies are just a few of the decision-making bodies that can help enact Community Hiring Agreements in your area.

Pass a Resolution

To initiate a Community Hiring Agreement, a local decision-making body must pass a resolution directing local staff to work with communities, labor, and businesses to conduct outreach and negotiate the specific terms of the proposed Community Hiring Agreement. See sample resolution language here

Outreach and Negotiations

After a resolution is passed, community organizations, labor groups, businesses, and the local agencies work together to determine the specific terms and conditions included in the Community Hiring Agreement.

Get it Approved

Once the final terms are agreed upon, the decision-making body that originated the negotiations must approve the agreement. If the decision-making body approves the terms and conditions agreed upon by the negotiating parties, then the Community Hiring Agreement will go into effect.

**The process outlined here is illustrative. Your experience will vary based on local regulations and procedures.