Good for Communities

Keeps local tax dollars in the community

Community Hiring Agreements are a unique mechanism to ensure that large construction projects provide a boost to the local economy. They create quality jobs for local workers, invest in long-term career development for disadvantaged workers, and prioritize local business participation. This has the effect of ensuring that community investments produce returns for neighborhood workers, families, and businesses.  


Community Hiring Agreements can expand access to family-supporting jobs, career training, and contracting opportunities for neighborhood workers and business. Agreements that set targets for hiring local workers can give disadvantaged job seekers the opportunity to jump-start their careers and provide increased access to on-the-job training. These agreements can also promote neighborhood businesses by prioritizing small and minority-owned establishments.

Establishes a Career Path for Local Workers

Community Hiring Agreements aren't just about creating temporary construction jobs; they're about putting local workers on the path to obtaining a long-term, family-supporting career. By tapping into apprenticeship programs that expand on-the-job training opportunities for entry-level workers, Community Hiring Agreements equip local workers with the tools to pursue middle-class careers.

Case Studies

community hiring agreements that are good for communities