Good for Business

Promotes Fair and Open Competition

Community Hiring Agreements use a fair, open, and competitive process for union and non-union contractors alike. They establish workforce standards that all workers must meet in order to be hired by contractors and sub-contractors covered by the agreement. This ensures that everyone is playing by the same rules and meeting the highest quality standards.

Provides EASy Access to Qualified Workers

Community hiring agreements create a pool of well-trained, highly-qualified workers that are prepared to work on the construction project. This feature gives all contractors flexible access to highly-skilled workers with diverse skillsets and provides an opportunity for small businesses to grow.  

Manages Complex Projects Efficiently

Community Hiring Agreements promote a business model that ensures certainty, transparency, and accountability throughout the construction project. By ensuring that all contractors and sub-contractors must adhere to best practices and meet well-defined quality standards, these agreements promote efficiency. As a labor management tool, Community Hiring Agreements have received widespread praise in the private and public sectors. 

Case Studies

Community Hiring Agreements that are Good for Business